Past Fall 2009 U14 Shockers Roster

U14 Shockers Fall 2009

Bottom: Caroline, Emma, Shauna, Christy, Hannah, Hayla, Rachel

Top: Coach Brian, AC, Mars, Emily, Hannah, Haley Anne, Sarah, Coach Chris

Fall 2009 Fusion U14 Shockers Roster

A.C. Anderson, Captain, Defender

Rachel Bell, Midfield, Stryker

Meredith Black, Midfielder, Defender

Sarah Bowers, Stryker

Emma Clark, Defender

Haley Anne Cork, Defender

Hannah Derezinski, Keeper, Defender, Midfielder

Emily Duane, Defender

Hannah Erger, Midfielder

Shauna Fields, Midfielder, Keeper Sub

Caroline Russell, Stryker, Defender, Midfielder

Hayla Seitz, Stryker

Christy Tovar, Stryker, Midfielder

Mars Twitchell, Stryker, Keeper Sub


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