News and Updates

March 2011

The U10 Shockers nation are formed, and a new generation is realized.

November 2011

U14 Shockers Nation are both Kohls Cup and UFA Cup winners over successive weekends. The U16 Shockers Nation have three draws to go undefeated at Kohls Cup.

July 15, 2010

Shockers Nation will be joining the legendary Breakers and Jones Bridge Soccer for the 2010 Fall season.



June 7, 2010

U14 Shockers are advancing to the 3v3 National Championships in Orlando Florida July 24th through the 29th.



Congratulations to Rachel Bell, Haley Anne, Suzanne Eckert, Kimmy Gibson, and Christy Tovar. You’ve made Shockers Nation history!



May 8, 2020

The U14 Shockers repeat as the RILS Group 2A League Champions with an undefeated season.


November 23, 2010

The U16 Shockers are, absolutely, the 2009 ASA Cup Champions. They took it to the home clubs elite Xplosion for a climatic final.


Sunday September 27, 2009


U16 Shockers made it a sweep this weekend wrapping things up with a decisive 9 to 1 victory over AFU Breakers. We did it in the heat and, with no subs.


U16 Shockers 3 to AFU Cheetah’s 2

U14 Shockers 11 to NSA France 1

U16 Shockers 9 to AFU Breakers 1


No less than 11 Shockers scored over the weekend. That is impressive. However, I’ll submit to you, the unsung hero’s for both teams were the stubborn Defenders. This the definition of formidable.


We scored 23 goals over the weekend. We only allowed a total of 4.




Friday September 11, 2009


Shocker Nation:

U16 Shockers

We have our first match of the season this Saturday the 12th at 3pm vs Fusion Fury. We are at the South Forsyth Soccer Complex (not Central Park where we practice). We are the visiting team. But, bring both blue and white jerseys in the event there is confusion. Don’t forget your pinnnies.

We play on Field #2. Lets be there forty five (45) minutes before match time so we can warm up, and I can talk to the team, and have them ready.

We will take our team picture for the website, and family distribution before the match.

U14 players are encouraged to turn-out to show support (but, not required).

U14 Shockers

Our match for Saturday vs. Fusion Lightning has been tentatively rescheduled for Monday October 18th at 7pm (please see our team website for updates).

However, we will be playing Fusion Strike Force (a Select team) Monday the 14th at 730pm. This will be viewed as an out of league “friendly”. However, we are going to approach this like a serious match to help us establish momentum.  Be there thirty (30) minutes early to warm up.

Wear your full kits (bring both jerseys) and pinnies. We will take our team picture for the website, and family distribution before the match.

The U16 Shockers will have a light practice under Coach Chris, and can watch the match for the 2nd half.

Call me at 404 451 4799 or email me with any questions.

Coach Brian




Shocker Nation:I am sure this may come as a shock to you; and, will certainly represent a mind-numbing disappointment for all concerned – but, we won’t be practicing (and thus, will be denied a scrimmage opportunity) this coming Monday. The primary reason, of course, that day representing Labor Day.Lets try and keep fit between now and Wednesday. Some running is a good idea. Ball work certainly is time well spent. And, as always, watching a rousing match on television is a terrific visualization exercise. The Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN2 always have something afoot.

Coach Brian

2009 District Cup Finalists and State Cup Qualifiers
2009 District Cup Finalists and State Cup Qualifiers

Monday May 11th 2009FYI.

We are now ranked.

Nationally:           777
Regionally:         288
State:                     57

Our goal must now be to improve that. That is a reasonable and productive objective.

Coach Brian

For Saturday April 11th

We have a pivotal weekend looming before our worthy Shockers.

Two big matches vs. NSA Magic and Revolution.

We approach this challenge with but one sub.

We play Shocker Ball, we prevail.

Lets muster at the South Complex Saturday around 11am.

Team Manager Mom Patty hopes to put together a picnic of sorts (light easy food mind you) between matches to keep us properly fueled.

Coach Brian

Fusion shockers and Atlanta Lady Silverbacks

The Fusion U14 Shockers have been selected by the Atlanta Silverbacks to represent Atlanta Youth Soccer as the “walk-out” squad for the Lady Silverbacks season-opener Saturday May 16th.

Members of the Shockers will also be the official ball girls for the match.

In other news, Brian Cork has been named to the Atlanta Silverbacks Board of Directors.

For Sunday March 29th 2009

Our Match this Sunday is now status RESCHEDULED for May 23rd or 24th.

Coach Brian

Thursday March 26th 2009

Fields Are Closed Thursday 03-26-09.

Hopefully we see one another for Sunday’s Match.

Make sure you call in advance.

RAINOUT LINE: 770-437-6590

Coach Brian

Thursday March 12, 2009

Atlanta Soccer Academy (ASA) has apparently declined our “Friday Night Challenge” under the lights at Central Park.

They have, no doubt, come to understand what a hardy and ferocious crew we have.

So, we shall seek them out in a tournament!

Coach Brian


Special Announcement:

We have Tara Minnix, a standout Defender with the Atlanta Womens Silverbacks joining the Shockers for practice Thursday the 5th.

We will, essentially, have Tara run practice that evening.

Here are some of her player statistics (these don’t include 2008 when the Lady Silverbacks had an undefeated regular season):

tara-minnixW-League: 2007—Became all-time Silverback appearance leader with 38. Featured  11 times tallying two goals. 2006—Appeared 13 times. 2005—Tallied a goal and an assist in 14 appearances.

Professional: 2004—Represented both the Atlanta Beat and Carolina Courage in WUSA festivals. 2003—Atlanta Beat.

College: University of Tennessee (1989-2002)—Led SEC in goals (2002). Netted three goals and added four assists in 2000 before suffering season-ending knee injury. Netted eight goals and added four assists freshman year.

Coach Brian


Monday February 23, 2009

In the next few weeks, we will have a special (Shockers only) mini-camp with select members of the Lady Atlanta Silverbacks.

Coach Brian

Thursday February 19, 2009

We need the players at Lanier no less than 40 minutes before the first match. 7:45am is a good time.

Carpooling is not a bad idea.

Try to avoid sleep-overs.

Let’s make sure all the players have cold weather gear.  I recommend Armor or Warrior gear with the extra layer.  Black is the best choice. If you have concerns about getting this gear please call me ASAP.

Bring a very warm top, mittens, and head gear as well.

The players should bring both their jerseys (blue and white).  Come for the first match prepared to wear white.

We will have approximately 90 minutes between our matches Saturday.  So, we need to scout a place we can drop in for a quick brunch as a team.

Friday have the players drink plenty of water and gatorade. No dairy products Friday or Saturday.

Coach Brian



It looks like we won’t have easy access to Midway Park any longer. So, beginning Tuesday the 10th we will practice at Central Park Field #3. This will likely mean a change in time to 6:30.

Player Cards

Patty Wojcik took head shots of most of the girls Thursday.  Hannah E. and Michelle H. need to coordinate with Patty Monday or Tuesday so we can get the Player Cards finished.

Team Gear

Fusion has our “kits” on order. We should have them for the tournament.

Patty is coordinating with Alex Rodriquez at Totally Soccer for team sweatshirts (last names are okay on the back – no nick names), practice shorts, practice pennies (I am paying for those), tie-dye socks (blue or gold) and team bags (six players already have them. Take a look at Haley Anne’s or AC’s for example).

Don’t hesitate to call me at 404 451 4799 or email at with any concerns, thoughts or questions.

Coach Brian


Saturday January 31, 2009

Shocker Families:

As I prepare this email I think I may be missing some email addresses (I know I don’t have Walter Derezinski’s and Brian Lowenthal’s second email addresses).  So, please come back with those so Patty Wojcik, Chris Tovar and I have them.

Note to Patty:  We need to add Amy Bowers on the distribution list (she is part of this email).

Please point your browsers to:  This is our team Blog page.  We will be posting information to include practice and match schedules, match results (including summaries and photos), and a “coaches journal” as the season progresses. This will also reduce the need for a lot of emailing.  If all goes well, coaches and parents can communicate efficiently in-and-amongst ourselves through this medium (but, it’s also obviously okay to email each other). So, let’s get used to checking the site for information and updates. We also have to be mindful of content and contact information to maintain the highest standards of safety for the players.

Meanwhile, as the Blog comes online, here is some updates:

1. The team has affirmed that we are “Shockers”.

2. Our Motto is:

We Control the Midfield; Charge the goal; and, Protect our Goalie”.  “Control, Charge, Protect” in short.

This is also a core philosophy, and fundamental to the way I approach coaching.  We want the ball.

3. We won’t be scrimmaging this Monday.  There was concern of a snow storm.  That is now unlikely.  But, we are confirmed for a scrimmage Monday the 9th at 7pm at Central Park (where we will be practicing once the season begins).  I hope to scrimmage at least twice (and, hopefully thrice before the tournament).

4. We will continue to practice each Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7pm at Midway Park until the “official” start of the season the week of February 23rd.  I want to emphasize that these practices are not mandatory.  The focus will continue to be fitness and bonding.  However, I have been delighted by the turnout, enthusiasm, and immediate progress demonstrated by the entire team.

5. We are registered for the Lanier 2009 Recreation Cup.  The tournament is February 21 and 22.  We don’t have a match schedule yet. A current mantra as we prepare ourselves for the tournament is “We must be ready”.

6. Fusion has confirmed that everyone is registered with the club.

7. Fusion expects to issue our uniforms (heretofore “kits”) early in preparation for the tournament.  Our colors are blue and white (Fusion Club Colors). NOTE: It is a tradition for Shockers to wear tie-dye socks for matches. The team unanimously voted to continue this practice. We will be taking sizes for team hoodies at the next practice. So, if a player can’t be at practice, make sure Patty Wojcik knows the correct size via email. They will probably be blue with the Fusion log, and will include our Motto. I hope to have a price quote from Alex Rodriguez at Totally Soccer ( by Tuesday.  If you need financial assistance, please feel free to call me under confidentiality at 404 451 4799.  About half the team already has our team kit bags.  So, we will probably try to get the same for the rest of the team.

Thats it for now.

I think we have a terrific group of young ladies. And, I am already so very proud of each and every one of them.  Thank you for your faith in me.

Please update my email to

Coach Brian

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