a Dream Team is born

Stay tuned. More to follow.

There most certainly is!

Everything (everything) I tell you, happens for good reason. Some better than others.

Coach Brian

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  • Andrew Collins  On January 18, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Beware…Danger, danger; Extreme caution… Unstoppage force meets weak resistance. Surrender now, all resistance is futile. No hostages, no prisoners – just a trail of vanquished. The Kraken of GA Soccer will soon arise.

  • Brian Patrick Cork  On January 18, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Inspiring words from a man poised to change NATIONS.


  • sharon  On January 22, 2011 at 11:18 am


    I recently heard about what happened to THE SHOCKERS!

    I was so surprised and disappointed to learn that your assistant coach Chris Tovar has selfishly scuttled the program. I am a firm believer in loyalty and integrity and I can’t believe he would lead any player back to UFA (past ASA). We were all counting on you to set the example for girls soccer in the state of Georgia. I do have a feeling that we have not seen the last of the true Shockers. Good luck, and you can count on our family standing by you.

  • Kristin_Peek@hotmail.com  On January 23, 2011 at 11:37 am


    I am a huge Shocker Supporter(Coach Chris and Coach Brian equally)! It appears that you have some pretty strong opinions here and sounds like it originates from gossip. First of all Coach Chris was EXTREMELY loyal to Coach Brian! In fact, at one point he ran to Brina’s rescue when he was facing a tough meeting of parents and I must say that Coach Chris defended him until the end. Somehow Coach Chris was taken off that team (which we never requested or wanted), when it was initially Coach Brina that they were wanting to replace. Chris just took the high road and let it be. I might add, that the U16 players loves Coach Chris and could not understand why their favorite coach had been replaced. Honestly, i am not surprised that a lot of them followed him for that reason alone.

    Coach Chris has told us all, that he had no beef with Coach Brian and still considered him a great friend and mentor. He never once has said a bad word about Brian to me! To me that screams integrity! He was kicked off a team that loved him, while no one rallied to his defense. And he still took the high road! Loyalty?

    Chris was not happy with JBS and I personally heard him voice that to Brian on several occasions. Its clear that this was nothing personal with Brian. Chris had an opportunity to use his skills by taking a head coach position of his daughters team at an established club. Why would he not want that? Put yourself in his shoes. If you had the opportunity to take a higher position at another company, closer to home, using your skills that you currently are not able to use, and your not 100% happy with your current company, would you not take it? I know I would, even if I loved my current boss! Its a no brainer! He finished the season with Brian as he committed even though he was unhappy. Selfish?

    The “True Shockers” are the girls that played with all of their heart and has been with Brian AND Chris for years. Lets not loose sight of the kids here. After all this should be about them first and foremost!

    Lastly, please lets not turn this site into a Chris bashing page. Chris is an awesome guy and gave/gives his all to his team. The girls love him! Chris too supports Coach Brian! Ive heard him say and I quote “I want to be able to come watch some of the games and cheer for Brian and the team and him to come watch us”. Integrity?

  • Sharon  On January 23, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Thank you for your thoughts Marion.

    From your comment: “Chris was not happy with JBS and I personally heard him voice that to Brian on several occasions.”

    …looking at the rosters there is no “Kristin Peek” associated with the Shockers that we know of. I’m the blog administrator and my family has been involved with soccer in Georgia for almost twenty years. I still say the way this played out was awful. But I realize now I don’t have any place being involved with this.


  • Brian Patrick Cork  On January 23, 2011 at 10:17 pm


    Sharon and Marion you are both very sweet.

    Chris is my friend.

    I don’t like what he did. Or, the manner in which he conducted the matter. But, what’s done is done. We all need to move on. And, lead the kids by ever better example.


  • Raiders  On January 23, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    All I can say is a lot of us are glad to see the Shockers come to UFA. We are going to kick your butts.


  • Andrew  On January 28, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    “Inspiring words from a man poised to change NATIONS.”

    No quite sure what that means. The change came from within over the course of this season and before. No one “man” is driving the change more than Chris Tovar. The reference is to a bright future that includes Coach Brian and the Shockers who have been disenfranchised by Chris’ actions.

    When the rebellion was led against Brian, AND Chris, at the beginning of the season I was there to help – not that I wanted to, both sides had asked me to be there. Among other things, the key issue for those disgruntled parents was that Brian and Chris coached both teams, neither had a daughter on the U-16 team, and there was no dedicated U-16 coach in case of conflicts. At that fateful meeting, there was an impasse. Some of the parents said they would not go on the way things were. Brian offered no apology, but made the case that he deserved a second chance. I agreed and asked if we could come together around Brian’s promse to do better, but some parents would not. Neither side offered much ground for negotiation and the future of the team and the season for these girls was very much in question.

    Coach Zink was offered as a compromise. Chris was there when this was discussed and offered no resistance to the idea. When the issue of Brian remaining as head coach was put to a vote, Brian barely passed the vote of confidence (I recall it was something like 8 to 6). Some couldn’t live with the results and left the team. I worked hard to find new players so that the remaining girls could play. Coach Chris never mentioned he had a problem at the time. It’s hard to understand how Chris took the “high road” as Marion suggests; unless you consider never voicing your concerns in a timely manner, harboring a grude for the remainder of the season, and then breaking up the team that Coach Brian put together the “high road.”

    Truthfully, Chris was never removed from a coaching position. He coached the girls at practice and everyone knew to let the dust settle. Chris took it personally, sulked and held a grudge. He chose to vilify me as the agent of change rather than consider his own role in letting the situation deteriorate and be thankful for the work done to hold the U-16 team together. I remember very little (none actually) work done by Chris to help save this team in its time of greatest need. Also, Chris seems to forget that the U-14 team did not have enough players for a team and I found several very good players for the U-14 team who played a significant role in his daughter’s team winning their two championships. I knew the caliber of player the team wanted and as a favor to Brian, I was determined to provide nothing less than the best. Chris’ pinned-up anger were blinders preventing him from seeing the bigger picture – that all was done for the benefit of the girls and not as a slight to him. But he focused on his own emotions and not what was good for these girls.

    I couldn’t agree more with Sharon; Chris did selfishly scuttle the team away. It was done behind Brian’s back with subversive tactics like using peer pressure at the middle school prior to the final tournament of the season, spreading statements that were not true, distorting the facts, and meeting with UFA officials during the season without Brian’s knowledge. This is not how someone “EXTREMELY LOYAL” behaves. And why doesn’t this mystery person, who no one knows, named Kristin Peek just come out and identify herself (Marion). Chris knew well that Brian didn’t want to go back to UFA. If Chris had wanted Brian involved he would have gone to him and they could have gone to GA Rush or some other mutually accpetable league. Marion, I mean Kristin Peek, all but acknowledges that Chris negotiated a new position for himself behind Brian’s back for his own interests while the season was going on. A loyal person would have worked together with Brian for a solution. Chris is now going to his 4th club in 5 years – sound like something a loyal person does? This final attack on the Shockers was done by Chris and for Chris.

    Brian and I have become friends. I have stood by him now through two attacks on his team. We have extended a warm welcome to Brian, Haley Ann, and other disenfranchised ex-Shockers. The comments on January 18 at 6:17 PM were in reference to a team that is inclusive of these disenfranchised. I look forward to the coming season and our new players and coach.


  • Brian Patrick Cork  On January 28, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Some times truth is a bitter pill and best recognized under harsh light so others can’t repeat mistakes.

    “Nations” has a fair number when it comes to context. But, when it came to Shockers it meant that we had formed a unique group pulled together to endure under great challenges. We rarely had the best athletes. But, we played like a team few could equal. Each season we seemed to have the odds stacked against us. But, year-over-year we would emerge at the top of our bracket. This involved a dream I’ve had for years that finished with Chris and I standing together watching the girls pull down a State Cup. We finally had the team to pull it off. And, for reasons that will pale relative to the rationale, that opportunity has faded.

    Chris deserves a shot to lead a team. I suspect he would, ultimately, relish it more had it formed itself under more noble circumstances. I’m keen to see where pride can realize itself.

    Haley Anne and I will to help our club any way we can to bring home a State Cup. And, I’m trusting the players that have moved on to UFA to dig deep under fire and remember their roots. Fading memories, as referenced above must now merge into a new vision. The Shockers, disbanded, for all intents and purposes will now seed other teams, and a legacy of sorts, will endure.

    With that best hope we can, and should, all move on.


  • Marion  On January 28, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Please remove my name completely off of this site. I do not want to be a part of this drama!

    Thank You,

  • Andrew  On January 29, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Marion…the cause of all this drama rests firmly on Chris’ shoulders and yours. This blog is a healthy form of communication. If you didn’t want to be a part you should never have posted pretending to be someone else; especially a post filled with such drama and appeal to emotion. When you didn’t agree with Sharon’s comments you voiced a hearty rebuttal. It was initiated by basically calling Sharon out for being uninformed and forming her opinions based on gossip (ironically, while concealing your identity). It’s understandable that you want to get your message out, unchallenged and unrequited, and fade away – but that’s not how it works. All sides can weigh in especially when the truth is distorted beyond recognition.

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