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CRCT and Soccer Forge Character

I believe come mid-May we have scholastic CRCT testing afoot.

I have made some inquiries. It would take a herculean, and possibly unreasonable effort to coordinate RILS, other teams, refs and fields at this point to try and effect rescheduling those matches. And, we just flat-out run out of room going into tournament season.

Just to be clear, I value citizenship and scholastics possibly above all else outside of family and best efforts. However, I am confident that if the girls are, generally, doing their home work and prepared, playing matches a day before testing won’t negatively affect them. Also, the anxiety of missing matches, and blowing their season might create more pain for them.

I would always bet this hardy and ferocious crew can win, and score high on tests.

Coach Brian (and, first always Haley Anne’s Dad)