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Hannah is probably aware that she has a family at large in Shocker Nation. In fact, in so many ways, she represents and reflects the core philosophy of why I coach, and what we have accomplished as a team over the past three years.

The truth is Hannah is often silly and goofy. But, we have always been the underdogs. No one player is especially gifted, nor a complete soccer player. However, as a unit, we find ways to win more often than not (and I don’t mean simply winning matches – I mean growing as citizens). Young ladies with confidence that will always find a way to contribute.

That is, forever in my mind and heart, Shocker Ball.


On May 19, 2009, at 10:49 PM, Holli-Marie Taylor wrote:


I haven’t responded before now because I was waiting for confirmation from Hannah that her dad is going to let her go this weekend and that he is going to take her to practice on Wednesday. I can see from his reply that she is indeed going this weekend – if only for moral support and to be with the team. I have yet to find out about practice.

I am quite satisfied with your explanation behind your thought process concerning Hannah’s safety. Indeed, I applaud it – but it came on unexpectedly and I wasn’t prepared. I hope that you will understand the thought process behind my response. She loves playing soccer – and loves playing Shocker ball. She will be back in the fall. And I hope to get her into a camp this summer, if I can work the logistics/scheduling – I don’t have her much during the summer.

Thanks for being a dedicated coach and a man of integrity.



CRCT and Soccer Forge Character

I believe come mid-May we have scholastic CRCT testing afoot.

I have made some inquiries. It would take a herculean, and possibly unreasonable effort to coordinate RILS, other teams, refs and fields at this point to try and effect rescheduling those matches. And, we just flat-out run out of room going into tournament season.

Just to be clear, I value citizenship and scholastics possibly above all else outside of family and best efforts. However, I am confident that if the girls are, generally, doing their home work and prepared, playing matches a day before testing won’t negatively affect them. Also, the anxiety of missing matches, and blowing their season might create more pain for them.

I would always bet this hardy and ferocious crew can win, and score high on tests.

Coach Brian (and, first always Haley Anne’s Dad)